class #27

     Project number three is under way and my group is hard at work. Although a little restless I’m sure my group (team seven) will get everything done and turned in on time. I’m pretty sure we are all ready for summer.  We have divided the paper in parts as followed:  Keith is in change of the target audience and how they are using social media.  Ciera is doing section three: Taco Bell’s social media activity and researching one of Taco Bell’s competitors to be used in my section.  This will, obviously, require some coordination between Ciera and me.  I am researching Taco Bell’s competitors (four total) and how they are using social media.  Carolyn is in charge of objectives of our social media plan and ways we plan to measure how successful we were in fulfilling those objectives.  Finally, last but not least, Courtney is in charge of strategies and tactics.  Keith will also be in charge of compiling/putting the paper together.  Ciera is researching the social media activity of one of my personal favorite fast food “taco joints,” Jack in the Box. 

     I am researching three other national chains:  McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s.  I don’t really know too much about Wendy’s.  I’ve only had it a few times in my life and rarely see one.  McDonald’s is of course the king of the fast food industry and Burger King is right behind them along with Taco Bell.  There are many competitors of Taco Bell, but I felt as though these were the biggest and most active on social media. 


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