class #26

     We turned in project number two and I felt like we do a good job! Our group didn’t waste any time and got everything in on time. Everyone did a great job!

     My part/section of the paper was the purpose section.  Now, the question is why is it so important to monitor social media about your brand/organization?  Obviously Taco Bell wants/needs do be aware of what is being said about their organization, its products.  Like we learned in class, it’s also critical the Taco Bell knows how audiences are talking about and sharing content, and how they are interacting with content.  Again, like we learned in class our brand needs/wants to know where, and among whom, conversations are happening about key topics and issues important to the organization.  Monitoring social media is a key to understanding what audiences care about.  Also, monitoring social media helps in measuring how organizational communications are being received. 

     In social media, the goal is to be proactive, and not reactive. By having a finger on the pulse, one will always be aware of what is being said about one’s product, brand and company. With this information, problems can be averted and prevented from becoming a full-blown crisis.  You’ll be able to find people who are actively searching for your products/services and reach out to them as soon as their questions are asked. You’ll also be able to join conversations that surround your industry, making sure that you have a viable chance of being recognized.  I found, in my opinion the best analogy for social in the world in a recent Mashable article that I stumbled upon.  Social media is like the “largest cocktail party in the world” (no, not to be confused with the University of Florida versus the University of Georgia football rivalry game).  It’s a room filled with people driven by one desire to communicate, share, digest and relate, while carrying on many independent conversations. Some of these conversations can be about you, your competitors or your industry. Some of these conversations could be people looking for a product like yours. They will talk about all these topics regardless of whether you are listening or not.  However, you wouldn’t know any of this if you weren’t listening.


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