class #24

     Thursday, seemed like we had an actual class for the first time in forever, but I don’t think anyone was complaining, at least I wasn’t!  Our group (team 7) has been ahead of schedule ever since we got started on day one.  In class, we set a specific deadline (Wednesday by 5:00 pm) to have our sections/parts of the paper emailed to Courtney in order for her to compile the deliverable.  It is hard to believe that the semester is almost over and I feel like everyone is just ready for summer and getting a little restless.  Hopefully every one can stay focused and keep on course to finish the semester strong. 

     My part/section of the paper is the “purpose” portion.  First, I will introduce our organization/brand (Taco Bell) and provide facts about it.  After that, I will explain why it is important to monitor social media conversations about your organization/brand.  In order to write this part/section of my paper I will have to do a little more research and find some miscellaneous facts and information about Taco Bell.  After providing some facts about Taco Bell, I will revisit some of the slides from classes earlier this semester about monitoring.  I will probably pull some information from those class slides explaining why it is important to monitor social media conversations about your organization/brand.  I will also definitely plan on looking at some outside sources from industry professionals about why this monitoring social media conversation about your organization/brand is so important.  


2 thoughts on “class #24

  1. It has definitely been nice to be in a group as motivated and organized as ours’ has been thus far. Being ahead of schedule like we have been has given this project a more relaxed feel and has given me motivation to stay ahead of other projects. As long as everyone does their part and gets something relevant on paper by the deadline, I see no reason why our group’s project shouldn’t receive an ‘A’.

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