class #23

     On Tuesday our group met at our normal class time in our normal spot and talked about our project.  Everyone was there which was good.  We mainly discussed our findings on each of the social media technologies that each of us was responsible for covering.  We shared our data tables as well.  We only met for a few minutes because everyone was prepared and didn’t struggle too much.  We also went over again what part of our final paper each person is responsible for.  Everyone is sailing along smoothly, or so it seems, but I guess the final deliverable will truly show how well everyone did.  I am responsible for the first portion/part of the paper, the purpose section.  I have started to brain storm on what I am exactly going to write, but nothing is set in stone yet.

     Although the monitoring portion/section of our project is over I am still interested in keeping up on Taco Bell’s twitter activity.  I still regularly check TweetDeck and my own personal twitter.  Even though I have not become a fan of Taco Bell’s food, I sort of have become a fan of their multiple twitter accounts.  It is kind of weird.  I think it is because there is so much positive energy that can be found on their twitter account pages.  Everyone that tweets at Taco Bell is saying something positive, and Taco Bell is always re-tweeting things that people say about Taco Bell that has a positive vibe too it. 


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