class #22

     During our last team meeting our group continued to further discussed how our research was coming.  I myself found some interesting twitter facts.  Taco Bell’s official twitter page currently has 418.7K followers.  They are following 17 people and have tweeted over 22K times.  Taco Bell’s page also features pictures of their latest new menu items, daily promotions/deals and famous celebrities enjoying their product. 

     Taco Bell also has another official twitter account called the “Taco Bell Truck.”  This black, UPS style/looking truck has their new motto/catchphrase “Live Mas” painted in huge white letters down the side.  The “Taco Bell Truck” has been featured in many commercials.  It drives around the United States handing out free tacos.  This particular account has 18.5K followers, is following only one other account (Taco Bell) and has tweeted 1,807 times.  The Taco Bell Truck’s last tweet was on April 8th, so this account does not tweet nearly as much as the main Taco Bell twitter account which tweets several times a day.  The “Taco Bell Truck” account also features pictures of its various stops throughout the country.  Mainly at big name colleges such as the Ohio State University, Minnesota University, big sports venues, and my personal favorite, under the Gateway Arch right here in our home town of St. Louis. 

     There is also another Taco Bell twitter account but it does not feature a “little blue official twitter checkmark” although it is still clearly an official Taco Bell account.  It’s called “Taco Bell for Teens.”  This account has only tweeted 128 times, is following 219 other accounts, and this particular account has 981 followers.  I do however find in some what troubling the “Taco Bell Truck” account does not follow this twitter account.  This account is promoting “The Taco Bell Foundation for Teens.”  This foundation “inspires and enables teens to graduate high school and reach their full potential.”  One other interesting note, February 15, 2013 was this accounts first tweet, so this is a fairly new account.


One thought on “class #22

  1. Twitter is going to end up being, in my opinion, our most helpful resource for this project. It seems that Twitter is the technology that Taco Bell is using most frequently. There will also be plenty of customer/fan tweets about Taco Bell that we can use to gauge what kind of response Taco Bell and their products are getting on Twitter. Though I see what your saying about the Taco Bell for Teens account being a bit questionable, I do think it warrants, at least, casual monitoring as that account could boost Taco Bell’s presence and image on Twitter.

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