class #20

     As I finished up my AT&T case analysis I felt confident in my work.  This topic was the one I immediately wanted to do as soon as I saw our list of choices because I have actually heard of it and its popularity. 

     Overall, AT&T was very effective in achieving their objectives.  The way they communicated with their audience and the objectives they set for the means of communication with their public was what made achieving their objectives possible.  As a result of AT&T achieving their objective to get external and internal audiences to commit to not texting while driving, they were able to obtain over 27,400 Facebook pledges, and across dozens of posts:  over 5,220 likes, over 1,600 comments, and there were also over 3,100 tweets following the release of the documentary.  Many of those tweets included link to the YouTube video of the documentary.  The tactics and actions AT&T took in order to support their strategies is why this campaign was so successful. 

     All in all I can’t say that I have any suggestions to help improve the campaign.  I mean after all it did win a Silver Anvil Award of Excellence which is the highest honor given out by the Public Relations Society of America.  Even though the award was won in 2011 I still see on televisions and hear on the radio heart wrenching commercials from the “Txtng & Drivng…It Can Wait Campaign” featuring victims of horrible automobile accidents involving the negative effects texting and driving can have.  This is a perfect example of keeping the campaign ongoing and AT&T sustaining their tactics.   


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