class #19

     For project number one I chose to do my case analysis on the AT&T no texting and driving campaign.  The title of their campaign was “Txtng & Drivng…It Can Wait.”  When conducting my research on this campaign the first two websites that I went to were and the campaigns Facebook page.  The campaign’s Facebook page is where you can actually take a pledge to not text and drive.  On the campaigns main website,, if you click on the icon to sign the pledge, it is actually just a link to take you to the Facebook page, thus making Facebook the main for of social media used in the campaign.

     The audiences/publics with which AT&T was attempting to communicate with was anyone who owns a cell phone and is tempted to use their cellular device while driving.  Even though the campaign didn’t specifically say that it was targeting teens, it’s certainly safe to say that teen drivers are more at risk to text while driving.  Therefore it makes sense for AT&T to communicate the most with teens. 

     AT&T’s objective for the communication with its audience is to help educate the public on the dangers of texting while driving.  They wanted to use traditional and social media to educate external and internal audiences.  AT&T also wanted to get external and internal audiences to commit to not texting while driving.  Finally, AT&T hoped to evangelize ambassadors to help spread the message. 

     I also found a pretty cool mashableForbes, and CNN article about/discussing AT&T’s campaign.  Finally, the best part of my research was the AT&T “Don’t Text While Driving Documentary.”  This was a very emotional, eye opening documentary highlighting the negative effects of texting while driving and the tolls it has taken on some lives.


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