class #18

     In class number eighteen our guest speaker taught us about discovering technologies.  We mainly focused in on foursquare and Groupon.  Basically these discovering technologies enable people to connect with others in a specific location.  Many local companies use these discovering technologies to engage their audience locally and to draw them into their specific venue. 

     In class we first discussed foursquare.  Foursquare allows their users to “check in” to a specific location when ever they are there.  Foursquare encourages competition amongst users by giving the title of “mayor” to a person who “checks in” to a specific venue the most.  Many companies offer special deals to people for checking in, such as a free drink for example at a bar.  The local, family owned, small business that I work at is on foursquare and sometimes offers specials for “checking in.”  Personally, I do not have foursquare and I will never get it.  The issue of “security” was brought up in class, but only momentarily.  I myself just am not comfortable letting people exactly where I am, and when.  I just don’t feel secure about it.

     Next, we discussed Groupon.  Groupon is used by businesses to offer and promote a deal.  A deal is only valid if enough people sign up to purchase the specific offer in order to make sure the business offering the promotion makes a profit.  For this reason Groupon highly encourages people to share the offers with family and friends.  The local pizza pub that I work at has used Groupon in the past and but we haven’t used it recently.  I do have the Groupon app on my phone and I have bought several before, mainly consisting of local eating establishments.  These offers are just too good to pass up; I’m a sucker for them!        


One thought on “class #18

  1. Tim McGowan
    Hey Zach, I really liked your post. I thought that you did a good job of breaking down the discovering technologies. I worried the same as you when it came to protecting yourself with the check in system. Although I can never see myself caring if I’m the mayor of anything, I don’t like the idea of telling people where I am, this just seems stupid to me. Although, I know that may individuals have fun with these kinds of programs it’s just not for me. My experience with these programs is lacking, I have never really used these programs to their fullest, and although I am interested in the kinds of deals I could get from Groupon. But, the security dynamic is a very big issue to me.

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