class #17

     In class number seventeen we learned about discussing technologies.  We mainly focused in on a TiVo Community Forum and a broadband forum (  We learned that forums are used to kind of like “tap into the intelligence of the masses.”  Forums are an excellent source of discussing technologies because they “bring collective intelligence to one place.” 

     In class we learned about the anatomy of a community via the TiVo Community Forum.  We also learned about the discussing technologies fundamentals and the hierarchy of these technologies.  The main thing and most important thing I got from class is that forums are within a community, and threads are within the forums. 

     I found it most interesting that the TiVo forum that was not company sponsored was much more popular than TiVo’s company sponsored one that can be found on their website.  We discussed why this could be in class as well.  In my opinion it’s because when you go to a company sponsored forum it is more “controlled.”  For example, as we all know dealing with a company’s customer service representative can be very frustrating and the conversation usually consist of very broad, general “troubleshooting problems.”  With a forum you are able to discuss problems that you might have with your TiVo for example with a real person who has/had the exact same problem as you and fixed it themselves. 

     I also love the Orange Power forum sponsored by Oklahoma State Athletics that we reviewed in class.  It is one of my favorite forums.  I myself was accepted to and almost went to OklahomaState and had two cousins that graduated from there.  I found it pretty funny how the Mizzou forum looked compared to the OSU one.  It literally made me laugh out loud.  Naturally I had to go find a forum of OSU’s biggest rival OU (U of Oklahoma).  It of course is not as organized or as good as the Orange Power forum, but there are some interesting things on it like the “arcade tab.”


4 thoughts on “class #17

  1. Hey Zach this is Bobby, and I would just like to discuss my opinion based on the information you have posted. First, as you mentioned, forums are within a community, and threads are within a form. Second, if a forum was company sponsored, then users of the forum would not be able to solve efficiently with customer service. I think forums that are not controlled by the company give the users less stress to solve problems with another user because they are able to discuss some specific problems they have. Finally, I checked out the Orange Power forum, and I think it is very concise and thorough unlike Mizzou’s forum.

    • Bobby what you said about people having less stress when solving problems is a great example of why people like forums that are not “company controlled” in my opinion.

  2. Yes, I also found it interesting that TiVo forum was not run by TiVo. I would have thought it was because the company wanted to hide their flaws in another online account that was separate from their main site so future costumers would not see all the trouble shoots. Then we all talked about how the website was started before TiVo even had their own Help site on their webpage. I was amazed at how many more people would rather go to a website that was not sponser by the actual producer. Then I realized that I too would rather talk to a human than machine or better yet a human talking like a machine.
    Also I liked your Orange Power forum I thought it was interesting that they not only included sports information but also pop culture.

    • Anna I’m glad you liked the Orange Power forum as much as I did! “I too would rather talk to a human than a machine or better yet a human talking like a machine” exactly like you said.

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