class #16

     In class number sixteen we had the privilege of listening to our best guest speaker yet, Mr. Sam Ford.  He taught us about monitoring technologies, mainly Google Analytics, bitly, Google Alerts, and netvibes.  I thought that Mr. Ford said it best when “too often companies are ego-centric” and have trouble understanding what audiences care about.  These monitoring services go “beyond the organizations interest” and act like “hearing aids.” 

     In class we learned about the fundamentals and the anatomy of a Google Analytics dashboard.  Basically with Google Analytics, they give you a code that you can imbed in a website you own which enables you to track numerous variables. 

     Bitly was another monitoring technology we learned about in class.  We learned about the fundamentals and the anatomy of a bitly dashboard.  In short, bitly shortens url’s.  Bitly also tracks who shares it, and how many times it has been shared.

     One other monitoring technology that we discussed in class was Google Alerts.  With Google Alerts we also learned about the anatomy of a set up page along with the fundamentals.  I forget who it was in class, it might have been Keith, but whoever it was we walked through a step by step process of setting up a Google Alerts page it monitor “Nike.”  With Google Alerts, you choose a keyword and you choose how, when, and what (filtering) is sent to you.

     Finally, the last monitoring technology we learned about in class was netvibes.  To me, it was a little confusing and almost seemed a bit like Google Alerts, but after learning about the fundamentals and anatomy of a dashboard it made more sense.  Netvibes slogan “dashboard everything” is self explanatory and really exemplifies what exactly this monitoring technology does.  Netvibes is able to include/incorporate RSS feeds from blogs and news sites, feeds from search results, and Google Alerts.  Netvibes is updated in real time, providing one place to keep up with anything new published by keyword or site.

     In conclusion monitoring technologies enable you to listen about what’s being said, and to track content and results over time, helping you manage an organization.   



2 thoughts on “class #16

  1. I do agree that this was our best guest speaker yet. Although the information was the newest to me yet, he kept me interested and trying to learn. Thanks for using real examples from class; it helped me to remember things that I forgot, which I guess is the purpose of this. I had forgotten how we used the Nike example in class and showed how we could narrow the results to get the information we wanted by entering something such as the CEO of a company to avoid irrelevant results.

  2. Tim McGowan
    Hey Zach, I totally agree with you about how good our guest speaker was. Sam spoke in detail about monitoring systems and was completely approachable. Clearly, I agree with how you choose to categorize the monitoring technologies. But, I think that Bitly is one of the most important. This system allows you to track the progress of your content,
    and lets you see who is spreading it. Although Google Alerts and Netvibes have their place I think that Bitley has some special features that the other sites do not offer.

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