class #15

     In class number fifteen we learned about facebook and Linkedin (networking technologies).  These networking technologies are interesting because they share similarities with blogging, micro blogging, and sharing technologies. 

     We also learned about the anatomy and fundamentals (brand page, wall/timeline, homepage/newsfeed, tabs, ads, and metrics including “likes,” “talking about this,” and “facebook insights”) of a brands facebook page.  Facebook pages, in my opinion, are great ways for your brand to exhibit the endurance, listening, and content principles.

     Linkedin is another networking technology that we learned about in class.  We learned about the fundamentals, and the anatomy of a profile and a home page.  The biggest difference between facebook and Linkedin is that facebook is more or a social site, and Linked in is in brief, an online resume and professional networking tool.

     Believe it or not, I do not have a facebook!  Most people do not believe me whenever I tell them that, but for me it just got too much. It first started when I was forced to switch to timeline.  I refuse to be part of an organization that forces me to do something.  Second, I felt like it was an invasion of privacy that I couldn’t fully control and that made me uneasy/uncomfortable.  Even though there are privacy settings that allow you to approve things before they are posted, my friends will still publicly post about where we were and what we were doing in real time.  I myself do not want that kind of information out there on facebook!  I also found it to be a major distraction.  I would get on and scroll all the way through my news feed until I couldn’t scroll any longer.  After that I would look up at the clock and realize that an hour had gone by and I had literally read nothing of any importance or anything that I really cared about.  So I will leave you with that my friends, my personal experience with facebook.


2 thoughts on “class #15

  1. Zach, I couldn’t agree more with your post. Of course you outlined the anatomy of Facebook and Linkedin but what I find most interesting is your personal experience. I have a Facebook account currently, but have felt the same way you do wonder about my privacy or stupid friends. Moreover, it’s like you said it’s a waste of time and there is literally nothing of importance on their. Linkedin however is a different story; I think that everyone in our class should create an account and start to promote themselves. I think that Linkedin would be a better fit for the both of us, because at least we can say we are bettering ourselves.

    • Tim, I’m glad someone can relate to my personal experience and agree with me! I also agree with what you said about Linked in being a different story and how it would be a better fit for both of us. It’s definitely the best way to promote yourself professionally, like you said.

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