class #12

     In class number twelve we learned about expression via micro blogs, mainly twitter.  When micro blogging, your audience has some similarities and differences when compared to blogging.  Like blogging, you’re expressing (articulating) opinions, interests, and personality, showcasing content that’s important to you, the author, inviting others to view world from you, the author’s perspective, but in snippets.  Now on the other hand, unlike blogging there is less emphasis on archived material; primarily focused on the here and now, and it’s somewhat easier to follow and share what others are expressing.  For an organization, micro blogging can help those who encounter issues or have questions.  Micro blogging can also point to longer-form content on other platforms (e.g., blogs), and promote word of mouth engagement through contests, charity tie-ins, etc.  We also spent some time in class learning about the anatomy of a twitter page and profile along with the fundamentals:  following, tweets, @username, direct messages, retweets, trends or trending topics, hash tags, twitter parties, shortened url’s, and  primary metrics). 

     My personal example of a twitter user that I actually follow as well is again, ESPN.  If you didn’t know by now, I’m extremely into sports.  So, not only is there a main ESPN twitter account, but there is also a Sports Center account, and ESPNU account, an ESPN college basketball account, a ESPN college football account, and ESPN stats and info account, and ESPN numbers never lie account, etc. the list just goes on and on.  This is exactly what I like and dislike about the ESPN family of twitter accounts.  It’s great that they have different accounts covering so many different topics, but the problem is that much of the content is repeated over and over again and can be relevant to more than one account.  This especially get annoying when every single other ESPN account will retweet one account.  Then, the same tweet blows up your feed and you may see the same tweet ten times in less than an hour!  One thing I do love is that all of the accounts have fresh/recent pictures that are constantly being updated, that is cool!

     In conclusion, micro blogs are similar to blogs in several key respects:  expressing, showcasing, and inviting but they are done in snippets, are focused on the here and now, and are somewhat easier to follow and share.  Organizations trend to go a step further than most members of their audience by offering to help those who need it, pointing to longer-form content on other platforms, and promoting word of mouth engagement.


4 thoughts on “class #12

  1. I couldn’t tell that you were into sports…except maybe because of the Blues background! ESPN is a good example. You follow ESPN to keep up with sports, but on a smaller scale. You might follow it to keep with with what is going on, but you are going to probably go to the website or watch the channel to find out exactly what happened in detail.

    • The first sentence of your post made me laugh out loud, literally! You’re exactly right, I like to receive news from ESPN via twitter in “snippets,” but if I want the longer/full, more detailed story, I would read the article on

  2. I’m not into sports anywhere near as much as you Zach but I can see how Twitter would be useful for me while watching football (my favorite). I love to comment on the players and the plays but my husband can’t stand the lenghty conversation during the game so being able to tweet my comments to others who are talking about the same things might give me the satisfaction of having the conversation during the game anyway. I’ll be sure to try this out next season. The fast paced nature of the short tweets makes Twitter closer to the style of real conversation. This just might be the added benefit I need to feel like I’m actually talking during the game. Overall, Twitter offering the same ability of expression as a blog yet with the shortened format and easy sharing capabilities strikes me as positive and generally useful. Though I am, admittedly, late I am aiming at using Twitter very soon.

    • Regina, you should totally get on Twitter very soon! I feel like you would love the live events as much as I do, such as the Pro Bowl where the NFL lets players tweet live during the game, it’s awesome!

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