class #11

     In class number eleven we learned all about expression via blogs.  Blogs are used for expressing (articulating) opinions, interests, and personality, showcasing content that’s important to the author, inviting others to view world from the author’s perspective, developing a regular, searchable “log” of material, and providing longer-form content (more detailed) than is possible via Twitter, Facebook, and other popular platforms.  In class we also learned about the anatomy and fundamentals (pages, posts, comments, tags and categories, links, primary metrics, widgets, and RSS) of blogs. 

     My personal example of a blog that I chose was the ESPN family of blogs.  We’ll start with my dislikes.  Unlike most blogs where the comments on post are seen at the end or bottom of the page, the ESPN blogs comments can only be seen by clicking on a link at the top of the page, before the blog post.  It took me a while to find this which I wasn’t very happy about.  Maybe too others it would have been obvious, and a little more noticeable, but I do consider myself very Internet savvy, and if I had difficulty locating the comments, I can’t help but think others that are not as Internet savvy might have a difficult time locating them as well.  Secondly, the advertisements are annoying, but hey, what website doesn’t have advertisements now days?  It is almost expected so it’s something I can’t be too upset about.  On the positive side, the blogs are almost written in a news article style which I like.  The ESPN blogs main home page has a very laid out, easy to read/find, organized link to a blog on every sports topic you could possibly imagine!  Nearly every post contains a photograph and a video, which is cool.  Also, next to every blog entry is a little picture and a biography of the author.  I enjoy this feature because it brings validity and legitimacy to each blog post.  It shows that these are professional sports journalist and broadcasters contributing to this site. 

     In conclusion blogs are primarily used to express an author’s perspective.  They enable longer-form content than other platforms, and their key elements are: posts, comments, tags, links, and visits/views.


One thought on “class #11

  1. I really hate all of the advertisings too. But I understand that some of them need it to make money off of it. I wish there was an alternative to having advertisements visible on blogs or whatever social network site you are on. Maybe something smaller would be better?!

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