class #6

     In class number six we learned about pre-engagement principle number four, integration.  Dr. Henry Jenkins says in his blog that “If you want to guarantee the number of eyeballs which consume your message, nothing is going to replace traditional broadcasting methods anytime soon.” Social media are components of a larger communication mix; they should be integrated with other components, not viewed or used in isolation.   

     During class we discussed three cases.  The first case was the General Mills one, and more specifically the Betty Crocker and Pillsbury brands which involved integrating with other tactics/media.  The second case involving H&R Block focused on integrating with other functions and experts, and finally the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) case involved integrating with other media narratives.

     All of the cases we reviewed in class were good, interesting examples, but personally, my favorite case was the WWE one.  As someone who wasn’t even a fan or really interested in the WWE, the way they used social media, especially some of the twitter “smack talk” conversations I saw was enough to spark an interest and get my attention.  I think it’s excellent how the WWE has used facebook, twitter and other social media to “link” the episodes together and to “continue the story” outside of the episodes that air once a week.  When surfing one of my favorite websites recently, Bleacher Report, I stumbled upon a pretty cool, interesting story questioning if the social media and more specifically the twitter hype has helped the WWE.  Even if you are not a fan of the WWE, it is still a good read!


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