class #5

     Today in class, we focused in on pre-engagement principle number three, content.  In my opinion, the best piece of literature relating to what we were learning in class came from the blog of Dr. Henry Jenkins when he said that “…. the sharing of content with others is fundamentally an act of communication within and beyond cultural communities. When advertising spreads, it is because the community has embraced it as a resource for expressing its shared beliefs or pursuing its mutual interests. Community members have embraced the content because it allows them to say something that matters to them, often something about their relations to other community members. In that sense, it has acquired worth.” 

     Social media require content that is relevant, interesting, unique, and useful, to the audience.  We saw this in the Volkswagen, the MTV Get Yourself Tested (GYT), and the Denny’s cases.  In my opinion, the MTV GYT campaign was the most successful.  Honestly, the Volkswagen case just sucked and I have nothing to say about it.  The Denny’s campaign was funny and cool and all but it didn’t incorporate the four basic elements of spreadable content as well as the GYT campaign did.  I think that the reason the GYT campaign worked so well is because first of all, it was relevant.  Second of all, it was interesting.  The way MTV used celebrities and the acronym “GYT” as a “guessing game” made it interesting.  Finally, it was useful.  The targeted audience gained something from the content and was able to use it.

     In conclusion, the MTV GYT case used three out of the four basic elements of spreadable content extremely well, and this is why it was so successful.  All in all, listening is key to developing such content. 


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