class #4

     In class number four, we discussed the second pre-engagement principle, objectives. We learned that you must set clear objectives for social media engagements, and that it’s important to align objectives with larger organizational goals. Our book “Groundswell” states that “The clarity of your objectives will make or break your strategy. Success depends on a beacon to go toward – a reason to enter the groundswell” (p. 68).

     We also discussed five major types of objectives: listening (better understanding your customers), talking (spread messages about your company), energizing (supercharge the power of customers word of mouth), supporting (help your customers support each other), and embracing (using customers help to design your products).

     In class we reviewed cases involving each of the five major types of objectives.  The first one was the Mini Cooper case which related to listening.  The second one was the Ernst and Young cases which we related to talking.  Next, was the Lego case which we related to energizing, then was the Dell case related to supporting.  Finally, the we related to embracing. 

     In my opinion, the Lego case was ingenious, paying their “employees” in Lego’s must have been extremely cheap and beneficial for the company, but I believe that the Mini Cooper case was the most interesting.  I just think that their campaign was the best.  Focusing all of their, time, money, and energy on people that already own Mini Cooper’s rather than marketing the Mini Cooper to potential buyers.  I can honestly say that this is something that I would have never thought of, and it’s something that I never would have thought had worked, but it did!  That’s what I found so cool about that particular case.  This article has a short piece in it about an awesome Mini Cooper campaign that “changed digital marketing.” 



One thought on “class #4

  1. I myself thought that the Mini Cooper case study was very interesting. I recently joked to someone about Mini only having one car, where other car companies have many different models. After reading the study I YouTubed the gathering of the mini owners, who knew there were so many and it looked like a good time! I would of never guessed there were so many people, but they made it work.
    I also think that the link you found is perfect. And also sounds like a lot of fun. I feel that Mini did a great job keeping things interesting. And they didn’t just stick to the norm and that they were able to think out of the box.

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